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Graphics and Lens-Based Media exist in many forms, which are designed to communicate ideas that captivate, interact, motivate and encourage. The engaging process in effective visual communication is when an artwork evokes emotional responses and provokes thought.

The Graphics and Lens-Based Media pathway involves working in photography, video, digital imaging, collage and darkroom techniques as well as experimenting with alternative photography or using other light sensitive materials. Students that undertake this pathway will also work in identity, typography, editorial design, digital media, image-processing and illustration.

The Foundation course runs over 3 Stages: Diagnostic, Confirmation, and Final Major Project. During Diagnostic Stage, students will consider progression opportunities available in specialist pathway through research, applied critical judgement and the identification of personal goals. For Confirmatory Stage, students must demonstrate an ability to study at BA level with an edited and condensed portfolio, that will consist of work produced throughout the entire course. For the Final Major Project students are expected to be self-initiated and work on an exhibition piece. Prior to starting the Foundation, a compulsory 4 weeks Orientation stage will take place (refer to Orientation stage on the BACA website). From the start of the course, students will work in their chosen pathways:  Art& Design (fine art, sculpture, photography) , 3D (architecture, spatial, interior and product), fashion and textile design (womenswear, menswear, sportswear, accessory, contour, pattern cutting, jewellery, styling, textile design, knit, print, etc.) Visual Communication (graphic design, illustration, moving images, film, animation, media design, etc.). The One Year foundation is a fast-paced course which require students with creative maturity and resilience to a highly competitive environment.

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