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👍The Foundation course runs over 3 Stages: Diagnostic, Confirmation, and Final Major Project. During Diagnostic Stage, students will consider progression opportunities available in specialist pathway through research, applied critical judgement and the identification of personal goals. For Confirmatory Stage, students must demonstrate an ability to study at BA level with an edited and condensed portfolio, that will consist of work produced throughout the entire course. 💖
授课教师:Cindy  幽默细心教学


👍HNC is a course that enables a learner to learn absolutely everyhting💖

授课教师:Lily  乐观敬业教学



授课教师:陈老师   北京腔儿化音达人陈


👍Graphics and Lens-Based Media exist in many forms, which are designed to communicate ideas that captivate, interact, motivate and encourage. The engaging process in effective visual communication is when an artwork evokes emotional responses and provokes thought.💖

授课教师:Join  热情洋溢JOIN


👍Go for it! just do it! Better late than never. 
Don't give up and don't give in.💖

授课教师:Andy 开放专业教学


👍Learn English from listening, first listen and then say, let us enter the audio-visual world of pure English.💖

授课教师:Bruce  一口纯正的美式英语教学


👍计算机技术在生产生活中的应用越来越密切,计算机 应用包括科学计算(数值处理)、信息管理(数据处理)、辅 助设计与制造、教育信息化、电子商务、人工智能、网络 通信等。💖

💪授课教师:Sam  分享达人教师


Moodle(Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment)
Moodle 平台界面简单、精巧。使用者可以根据需要随时调整界面,增减内容。课程列表显示了服务器上每门课程的描述,包括是否允许访客使用,访问者可以对课程进行分类和搜索,按自己的需要学习课程。

授课教师:Doctor Jia  磁场强大


👍Moodle 是一个基于模块化设计,采用面向对象方式开发的课程管理系统。帮助教学人员创建高效的在线学习组织。如何让使用能高效地应用于学习管理呢。那就来点击购买吧!💖

授课教师:Joyce  术业专攻 教学